Dancing with poles.

The other night I had a dream about pole dancing. Sounds sexy, right? It is.

It’s also very challenging and fitness oriented. It builds confidence and releases tension. Find the right studio (I definitely did) and gain a group of supportive and active friends.

It started when my best friend asked me if I would be interested in going with her, as she had found a place nearby we could go. I had always been interested in the sport and it meant spending more quality time with her, so why say no?

Well let me tell you h’what, if my social anxiety friend had a body it could use to express itself at that particular moment, it would probably look like this:


But since it didn’t and I was in control, I excitedly said yes and we signed up together, despite the flood of worry that invaded my mind. Thus, began our wonderful journey at Brass Belles studio!


Said journey lasted many months and I adored every part of it, from nervously introducing myself to being frustrated that I couldn’t quite get that inverted hang pose. I gained a whole new appreciation for pole dance. You would never know how painful it is, considering the amount of grace and fluidity that goes into it.

But it is. I went home with bruises and friction burns and I was proud as hell to sport them. It is amazing how quickly you can achieve your goals when you really put your mind to it. It felt great to have a physical representation of my success.

In fact, climbing a pole was both a metaphorical and literal version of goal achievement.

In pole dance, you have more than two hands. You need to use various parts of your body to grip the pole and in order to do so, you need to really push those parts firmly into the pole. Climbing requires the top of your foot, ankle, inside of your knees, and shins. Try to imagine this in your head; pushing each of these parts firmly into a metal pole in order to support your whole body.

It took me a lot of funny faces, killed nerves, and perseverance to reach the top.

_free__strawberry_cake_icon_by_revpixy-d5bffpnThe cherry on top of the strawberry mousse cake (my favourite) was that my best friend and I climbed to the top at the same time. We looked at each other in utter amazement and triumph with full force grins on our faces.

When we first starting going to the essentials classes, we would get a glimpse of the beginner class before us. They were doing neat spins and inverting (going upside down), and we both thought, “oh jeeze I can’t even see myself doing those things.”

But before we knew it, we were in beginner, and we caught glimpses of the itermediate class before us. Our attitude had completely changed. Instead of being intimidated, we were challenged. Instead of, “I can’t see myself doing that” it became, “I can’t WAIT until I can do that!”

If you can persevere and work your way through all the uncomfortable feelings and frustrations that come from learning a new skill, I promise you will be greatly rewarded. I have gained so much from pole dance: self-confidence, strength, greater mental health, flow, courage, friends, new experiences, and much more.

One of the greatest things about being in my pole dance studio was seeing its inclusion of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Please don’t be discouraged if you feel you’re not the “right body type” or “right age” because it’s just not true. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, laugh in their face and strut your stuff.

Currently I am unable to fund this passion of mine, but I will get back to it and I will improve. One day I want to have a pole in my apartment, so I can practice whenever I want to, with or without an audience… ;D Practice makes perfect!

I could honestly go on for much longer but I will leave those stories for another time. Until then, feel free to share any positive experiences that have changed you as a person. Or just tell me something you did today that you’re proud of!

Click here for a video of me doing a variation of the reverse grab!

Below is a photo of the Gemini pose (also called inside leg hang). It’s one of the intermediate moves I was able to learn before leaving the studio!


Photo is not of me! Click the photo to go to the original article I got it from.


~ by Moonstruck on July 8, 2014.

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