Embracing the yellow brick road.

Sometimes I can’t help but think of the past.

In doing so, I think of the people who drifted away, becoming a simple memory to be reflected on with a different mind. The thoughts are somewhat annoying, in the way that they linger awkwardly as you try to pursue the vague presence of the future.

Smiles flash before your eyes, wrinkles drawing lines between what was and what is.


There’s always the wonder that follows. The curiosity that embeds itself in your mind, making you acknowledge your hurt pride and fear of being forgotten. Which is angering in itself considering you’re unlikely to find out the answers to these questions laced with nostalgia. Do our memories enter your mind, as they do mine? Daydreams flourish in such wary thoughts.

“When we are tired,
we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.

Countless poets, authors, philosophers, and other scholars have tried so hard to write off the past. It’s so easy to dismiss with intellect. Yet it continues to stain our hearts, our skin, our consciousness. It lives in the scars on our bodies and the scars unseen by the naked eye. It’s dangerous to adopt the idea that the past should be forgotten because it is where our lessons lie. The information in a textbook becomes past tense with every passing word, but the knowledge must be retained in order to make it useful.

The only satisfaction to be gained from forgotten memories, is that knowing everything has an eventual escape. I don’t want to escape. I don’t want to have to escape. More emphasis should be placed on accepting your past in all its glory and suffering. Regrets are poison meant to deter us from achieving the Higher Self. I prefer to see it as a guiding light, illuminating the dark corners I would have otherwise missed.

The past is not defined by phrases like if only and should have. It is defined by your current moods, because memories are malleable. Your current self will always have a say; it is a constant imprint that even your future can’t escape. A memory that was once sad can be thought of as positive if your current state is a happy one. There is no need to run from your past because you still have control over it.


As annoying as the memories can be, they’re only bothersome because I’m unsure of others’ perception of events. I can look upon the memories fondly if I wish. Despite everything, I am happy with who I’ve become and where I’m going. The past led me here. Hating it would be like hating the yellow brick road.


~ by Moonstruck on July 4, 2013.

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