Tattoo Composition: A Journey


- from the Sanskrit meaning "circle" -

Although each mandala is different in its meaning, their concentric and balanced form signifies unity and harmony. It is the vision of cosmic and psychic order – a spiritual guide. It is useful in meditation as it pulls focus inward, consciousness and awareness becoming the center. It is a key that aids us in unlocking our inner knowledge; a pretty distraction from the every day thoughts that bring us down. In quieting such thoughts, a more spiritual and philosophical essence is brought to life.

flowery hypnosis.

Mandalas are seen across cultures and symbolize a vast array of spirits, Gods, demons, emotions, and many others. This is something about the mandala I am personally drawn to – the unity of cultures and minds. It’s a beautiful representation of universal human communication.

mandala tattoo

Thomas Hooper was the first tattoo artist I saw that completely blew me away with his use of lines and the intricate detail of the mandala. His work is absolutely wonderful and I can’t get enough of it. Although I’d like to go into more detail about him, I’ll refrain and dedicate an entire post to his work. The next artist I came across was Dillon Forte; his use of pointillism in particular blew me away.


They were the spark; the starting point to what I believe will be the most amazing sleeve of all time (but that’s just my opinion). I started thinking I wanted a heptagon as the main shape, since it has seven sides. Seven is a number I dreamed about a lot and symbolizes the chakras, mental perfection, healing, completion, and attainment of high spirituality. I will fit it in somehow, however, I rest on two diagrams I came across during my research.

They’re from the Psychosynthesis Model of the Person (the Higher Self). It’s part of the transpersonal frame of psychology, and I would love this concept imprinted on me in the form of art. It combines two very important aspects of life; the psychological and the spiritual. It’s a concept that goes beyond the “I” yet does not ignore its significance.


It can be used as a vehicle for meditation, something I’ve done but need to get back into. I’m hoping that a permanent reminder of such important things will keep me focused. I have so many things I’d like to do in my daily routine, yet forget due to lethargy and the busy model of city life.

Last but not least, I would like to incorporate the Crown Chakra. If you know a bit about them, you can easily see why I would choose this one. It ties in with the number seven and highlights the importance of the brain and mental health. As someone who studies psychology and works at an adult mental organization, a sense of empathy is of great value. Self-awareness, I have always believed, is key to achieving complete mastery of the self and emotions. It is the best way to understand not only yourself and your actions, but the actions of others.

I’m so excited to begin the design and hope to have it on me by the end of summer. The idea makes my chest swell with happiness!


~ by Moonstruck on June 24, 2013.

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