Self-Expression & Acceptance

Anime North is a wonderful convention held in the city of Toronto. It’s where people go to freely express themselves in whichever way they please. Whether that’s with lolita attire or dressing up as their favourite character, all are welcome.


I love how body positive it is. You see people of all shapes and sizes, able bodied or not, flaunting it like it’s nobody’s business (which it most definitely isn’t). People are full of compliments and smiles. It makes me wonder why people can’t be so accepting everywhere else, each and every day.

Men and women can cross-dress with much less fear and anxiety. In fact in such an environment, men in frilly skirts are much more likely to gain high fives than kicks in the abdomen. I don’t have much personal experience on this particular subject, but I can imagine how frightful it must be to try and fit in to a world that wishes to reject everything that you wish to be. It makes me horribly sad.

But things like Anime North are a great release and I hope that one day we can all follow its open-mindedness in all aspects of life.

“For after all,
the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain.”


~ by Moonstruck on May 27, 2013.

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